The Leash Is Your Tool

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | The Leash Is Your Tool

Problem Solving Techniques Without Using Treats!

The Dog Mystic, Cherie A. Marquez, Will Teach You How To Keep Your Dogs In Their Forever Home!

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In this video, you are going to learn the importance of the leash. The leash is your tool.

Think of it like this, if the leash is off, then the dog knows it can do whatever they want. You’re in control when the leash is on, okay? 

For the training, it’s extremely important. I have a six-foot leash, the six-foot is better than the four-foot leash. At the training, you have control. You have control of what you’re doing and what you want the dog to do. Whatever you’re thinking and feeling goes through you, through the leash, and to the dogs.

Dogs have a sixth sense, they know exactly what’s going on, and they can feel your energy in one split second. For example, if as soon as you open up your front door [for someone], if that person is not a good person, that dog knows whether that person is good or bad.

If the person is 10 to 20 feet away, then they know.  They just have that sixth sense, which is absolutely amazing.

With the leash, as long as you have calm energy when you’re holding on to the leash and you’re not tight and like totally freak out.. because of whatever situation is that’s going on, then your dog is going to be calm because they can feel your energy.. so you are in control.

It sounds funny but the leash can also be used for housebreaking a puppy, so that puppy is not peeing and pooping all over your house, then keeping the dog on a watch on the leash inside the house. They can’t go and sneak off and have an accident or chew on something, then you’re in control.

The leash is extremely important. It is not a bad thing, don’t see it as a negative because YOU are creating that bond with your dog. They don’t mind being with you and you’re saving your things in your house and not having to clean up the messes. So the leash is your tool. Thank you very much. See you soon!

A Collar or Harness, Which Is Better

A Collar or Harness, Which Is Better?

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | A Collar or Harness, Which Is Better?

Problem Solving Techniques Without Using Treats!

The Dog Mystic, Cherie A. Marquez, Will Teach You How To Keep Your Dogs In Their Forever Home!

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Within this video, you’re gonna find out whether to use a harness or to use a collar. Just like the leashes, there are so many choices out there. Which one do you use? Every dog trainer has their preference, but personally, I don’t like to use the harness. First off, it’s hard to get it on and your dog is wiggling all over the place. You have to try and get it on and wrestle with the dog to get it on, and it’s kind of annoying. So that’s one reason, I don’t like harnesses. But also think of a sled dog. When they’re pulling on the sled, as soon as they feel that pull against their chest, it gives them that dominance, like “Yeah, I’m big and bad, haha.”, you know, and they start pulling even more. So it doesn’t matter what size your dog is, it could be a small little chihuahua, or Maltese, that two pounds. As soon as they feel the pull against their chest, then they’re going to start pulling even more. It’s like the Napoleon Complex, like, “Yeah! Big, bad. Haha! We’re just going to keep on pulling.”

I don’t like the halter but just the collars are great because it’s not going to hurt their trachea, not inhumane or unsafe. So just make sure when you’re choosing the collar– if it’s a bigger dog, you want a thicker collar than this. Because if it gets too loose, and it’s not around the neck here and it goes to here, where like Adam’s apple is, right there then they’ll start coughing. And the problem with that is then you’re thinking that you’re hurting the dog’s trachea and it’s not true. You have more control with the collar than you do with the halter. So you’re not moving the body around, you’re actually moving the head where you want the dog to be, okay?

This is for a tiny little, dog or a tiny puppy. The thicker the nylon leashes/collar is, the better because the thicker that it is, then it’s not going to get loose and it’s not going to move. As long as you can get your fingers underneath the collar then it’s not too tight. You don’t want it too loose because it can slip over the head. Once the dog knows that they can slip the collar off of their head then they’re going to try and do it as many times as possible, and they’re extremely smart. If they know they can get away with something, they’re going to push it for everything that they can no matter what.

For a thicker collar, making sure that it’s not too tight but not too loose is extremely important. And the class on this is you don’t want to get a flimsy plastic clasp you want to make sure that it buckles on nice and tight. There are so many different brands out there, but the coastal collars are really good because it either has a plastic clasp that works very well or they actually have like a metal clasp.

Metal clasps are great because you know for a fact that it’s not sliding off. The problem with plastic is sometimes it can wear and tear. And with puppies biting and biting and biting on the plastic then it can slide off. So a metal clasp is better than plastic. And the thicker the collar is the better. And of course, you can do nylon or you can do leather. So it’s your preference and there are so many different collars and designs and everything. So that is my preference for collars better than a halter. Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

pit with salad on head

Why Are Grapes & Raisins Toxic To Dogs?

Has a grape ever fallen on the floor and you rush to pick it up so your dog does not get it before you?

I know I have. I always wondered why grapes are so dangerous to dogs. Well, the ASPCA Poison Control Center discovered why grapes and raisins are toxic.

The Tartaric Acid in grapes cause: *Vomiting *Diarrhea *Excessive Thirst *Kidney Damage or Failure. Unfortunately, even one grape/raisin toxicity can even be fatal.

You can induce vomiting by using a baby medicine syringe and squeeze a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the dogs mouth. Keep the dogs face straight and DO NOT LIFT THE DOG’S HEAD TO THE SKY BECAUSE THEY CAN CHOKE! Close the mouth and rub the throat so the dog automatically swallows the peroxide. Once they throw up then take them to the vet if you notice any symptoms!

Please pick up a grape as soon as it falls so the dogs don’t eat it. Be aware and remember Watch or Confine!


Do You Know The Safe Way To Stop A Dog Fight?

Within my many years of dog training, trust me I have gotten in the middle of plenty of dog fights and I have gotten bitten.

It is just a knee-jerk reaction to try and pull the dogs apart but you have to realize that they are in a full red zone and they’re hyper focused on fighting the other dog so if you do get bit they don’t realize it. Your hands have so many tendons and ligaments and if you get bit bad enough, it will never heal correctly.

While this is going on, you scream for help if you are on the street alone and no one is with the other dog. As hard as it is, try to take a deep breath so you can analyze which dog is on top.

Once you figure it out, then the dog that is on top, you grab their back legs and pull back towards the middle of your chest just like you would be lifting the handles of a wheelbarrow. Once you pull the legs back you have to be ready to jump back because most likely the dog will tried to turn around and bite you because you’re interrupting them from winning the fight. If your dog is on top then you are able to grab their leash or their collar and say, “No” firmly and pull back with a snap and release.

Once you pull the dogs apart that will give you enough time to either grab a stick or anything that makes a lot of noise and start banging the ground and stand your ground so you are able to show the other dog that you are not afraid of them.

If you walk around a neighborhood that has a lot of stray dogs then please walk with an airhorn or a Pet Corrector for your own safety!


Did You Know That Taking A Dog Through An Agility Course Will Give Them Confidence?

When a dog is nervous and scared of plenty of things, going through an agility course together with them builds their confidence because they are doing it with you. Doing agility is a relationship builder. You are both learning together.

I found some information on how agility competition started from

The sport originated in England nearly 30 years ago as half-time entertainment at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show. John Varley, a member of the show committee, approached veteran dog trainer Peter Meanwell about creating a dog jumping competition, loosely based on horse show jumping. The demonstration proved so popular that Crufts asked the participants back, and agility was born. Agility aficionados can now be found around the world, from Argentina to Yugoslavia.

In 1985, Ken Tatsch was a CPA in private practice when he went to Crufts and saw agility for the first time. The following year, he founded the United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. (USDAA). Today, it is an international organization and boasts more than 25,000 registered competitors and more than 200 different breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds.

About the time Tatsch was organizing USDAA, fellow agility pioneer Charles “Bud” Kramer founded the National Club of Dog Agility, which was later adopted by the United Kennel Club (UKC). New venues soon followed suit, including the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), which promotes safety, and Canine Performance Events (CPE), for the more casual agility competitor. The Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA) features scaled-down agility equipment for dogs measuring 16.5 inches and under at the withers. TDAA founder Bud Houston of Ostrander, Ohio, also created Just For Fun (JFF), which offers team play over the course of eight weeks, much like bowling leagues.

You can either take the dog to a dog park that has an agility course, on Amazon they actually have agility course items that you can buy, or you can make your own at home.

You have to do the course with them. Make it fun and exciting. Because they’re having a really good time then it gives them something to look forward to and it increases their confidence because they’re able to do it.

Plus it’s good exercise for both of you!

If interested in classes, Clean Run maintains an agility instructor/school directory on its website,, which is a good starting point. 

how not to pet a dog

Please Do Not Hit Your Dog!

Have you ever hit your dog and then the dog cowers away from your hand?

Look I know that there are times when your dog makes you mad and I understand.

Growing up, unfortunately my family thought that it was okay to hit the dog on the butt when they were not listening and it made the dog hand shy, meaning as soon as a hand is coming towards them, they get scared.

If you hit your dog, the dog can either be afraid of people’s hands or they can get aggressive because they think they are going to get hit and they have to stick up for themselves. Even children’s hands looks scary to them.

When you adopt a dog, you will be able to tell if a dog has been hit by the way they act when you go to pet them. Please pet the dog by putting your hand out for them to smell first, of course if they are not reacting aggressively towards you. Then pet the dog from under the chin instead of on top of the head.

A dog’s memory is amazing. Anything that happens to them within 4 – 9 weeks of their lives is engrained into their minds. If they were abused, for example, by a tall man that wore a hat, then every time they see a tall man with a hat, they get scared and either cower towards that man or get aggressive. Please be patient!

Through my 21 years of training I know that tone inflection and the leash are the most important and you will gain control!

Please take a look at my tone inflection video on Dog Mystic Academy YouTube Channel.


Dogs Can Do The Doggie Paddle In Water But Teach Them Where The Stairs Are

Swimming Is Such Good Exercise For Your Dog

Just Be Aware!

There are two reasons why dogs drown in a pool.

First a dog that is heavy in the back area like Bulldogs, sink faster then other dogs.  Not all bullies need a life vest but it is advisable. 

Second, if a dog is treading water at the end of a pool and then they get tired that is when they sink and can drown.

If you want your dog to swim in the pool, the first thing that you want to do is put the leash on the dog.  Bring the dog into the pool with you and let them swim around and then with the leash guide them to the steps and keep on doing that until they realize that is where they get out.

Repetition and consistency are so important to get the dog used to swimming in the water and swimming toward the stairs to get out. My suggestion is to always be outside with your dog when they are getting acclimated to swimming in the water.

Just remember that a dog’s psychology and a child’s psychology are very alike. They will try to push their limits as much as they can.


How Do You Get Your Dog Used To Wearing a Collar and Leash?


Please be patient with your pup

When you first get a new puppy, you can not expect the dog to be used to walking on a leash or even having a collar on. It should be done in a step by step process. If you force the dog to try and walk then they will fear the collar and that can cause problems for the future.

First thing you need to do is put the collar on the dog. Even if they are scratching at their neck, it is totally normal because they are not used to having something around their neck. Once they are used to the collar then you can get them used to the leash.

Do not put the leash on the dog and always expect the dog to be excited to walk with you. Most puppies will just lay down and refuse to walk. The best thing to do is to put the leash on the dog inside the house and let the dog walk around with it while you are home, so they get used to having the leash dragging behind them. After about 2 days, then you can try taking the dog for a walk.

Once you try taking the dog for a walk, grab a squeeky toy to get the dog excited. Start walking with the dog on the leash while squeeking the toy and telling the dog to come. As soon as the dog starts walking with you, give the dog plenty of praise, “good girl or boy come on.” Do it for a short amount of time the first time and progressively get longer each additional time. Once your dog starts walking you will be able to enjoy a long walk with your dog.  Just Be Patient!!!!


What Are Some Dog Mystic Exercises?

The Universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers…Animals are in the present all the time and their secret power is to pull us in with them!

PLEASE take about five minutes or longer to just sit on the floor and love you dogs.  Put your phone on silent and sit on the floor or on the bed and enjoy petting your dog. While you are petting your dog, take some nice long deep breaths. Petting your dog lowers your blood pressure as well as lowering your dog’s blood pressure.

If your dog is not fearful of hugs, you can give them a hug. Also, massaging them will relax them even more. Allow your dog to pull you into the present moment.

Another exercise that you can do while you’re walking with your dog put your phone on silent so you were focusing all of your attention on nature and your dog.

Start to take some deep breaths and you can either shrug your shoulders or make circles with your shoulders because it relieves the tension and your body.

Enjoy the walk and being with your dog instead of being on the phone and not being aware of everything that is going on around you.


Which Leashes Are Safe and Unsafe?

There are so many leashes to choose from, do you know which leashes to get?

My preference is a 6 ft. leash either nylon or leather.   The 4 ft. leash doesn’t give them enough slack in the leash when they are on a free walk.

Before you buy a nylon leash, hold it in your hand to make sure it is not rough on the edges because it can hurt your hands.  The rope leashes are good but make sure they are thick because the thin rope leash hurts your hands and you can get a rope burn.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A RETRACTABLE LEASH!  They are unsafe and you can get a severe rope burn especially with the ones that have the extra thin rope.  It can get wrapped around your legs and fingers and cut you badly.

If you have a puppy, you should keep the dog on a watch inside the house, which means when you can watch the puppy, you have the dog on the leash with you so they can’t sneak off to have an accident or chew on something. When you can’t watch you confine. One thing you can do is get a 4 ft. chain link leash, so the dog can chew on the metal instead of chewing through the nylon leashes.

A 10 – 12 nylon leash is good for working on the come command from a distance.