Which Leashes Are Safe and Unsafe?

There are so many leashes to choose from, do you know which leashes to get?

My preference is a 6 ft. leash either nylon or leather.   The 4 ft. leash doesn’t give them enough slack in the leash when they are on a free walk.

Before you buy a nylon leash, hold it in your hand to make sure it is not rough on the edges because it can hurt your hands.  The rope leashes are good but make sure they are thick because the thin rope leash hurts your hands and you can get a rope burn.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A RETRACTABLE LEASH!  They are unsafe and you can get a severe rope burn especially with the ones that have the extra thin rope.  It can get wrapped around your legs and fingers and cut you badly.

If you have a puppy, you should keep the dog on a watch inside the house, which means when you can watch the puppy, you have the dog on the leash with you so they can’t sneak off to have an accident or chew on something. When you can’t watch you confine. One thing you can do is get a 4 ft. chain link leash, so the dog can chew on the metal instead of chewing through the nylon leashes.

A 10 – 12 nylon leash is good for working on the come command from a distance.

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