Do You Know The Safe Way To Stop A Dog Fight?

Within my many years of dog training, trust me I have gotten in the middle of plenty of dog fights and I have gotten bitten.

It is just a knee-jerk reaction to try and pull the dogs apart but you have to realize that they are in a full red zone and they’re hyper focused on fighting the other dog so if you do get bit they don’t realize it. Your hands have so many tendons and ligaments and if you get bit bad enough, it will never heal correctly.

While this is going on, you scream for help if you are on the street alone and no one is with the other dog. As hard as it is, try to take a deep breath so you can analyze which dog is on top.

Once you figure it out, then the dog that is on top, you grab their back legs and pull back towards the middle of your chest just like you would be lifting the handles of a wheelbarrow. Once you pull the legs back you have to be ready to jump back because most likely the dog will tried to turn around and bite you because you’re interrupting them from winning the fight. If your dog is on top then you are able to grab their leash or their collar and say, “No” firmly and pull back with a snap and release.

Once you pull the dogs apart that will give you enough time to either grab a stick or anything that makes a lot of noise and start banging the ground and stand your ground so you are able to show the other dog that you are not afraid of them.

If you walk around a neighborhood that has a lot of stray dogs then please walk with an airhorn or a Pet Corrector for your own safety!

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