Which Leashes Are Safe & Unsafe

Which Leashes Are Safe & Unsafe

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There are so many selections of which leashes to choose from. Within this video, you will find out. 

So, right here is a retractable leash, okay? You don’t want to use a retractable leash especially for training your dog. This one, this fabric is not the rope kind but the one that has the really thin rope. It can get wrapped up around your legs, it gives you rope burn. If you’re using a retractable leash for a big dog then they can really do, do damage to your fingers. I have a scar on my pinky. The retractable leash wrapped around my pinky and left a scar. So, retractable leashes are not safe to be working with your dog.  It’s convenient, yes, for putting it on and letting the dog go out at night. Go pee, one last pee, and then come back in. But it’s just awkward. Isn’t like you know, you have this then you have the lock and you have to get a certain length and size and it’s just annoying and dangerous. So no retractable leash, okay? 

Then you have the regular slip collar.  So you have the slip collar here. If you’re doing it quick and easy, then you make a pee for the puppy and then put it around the head this way. Because once you do it this way, when you pull on the leash then it gets tight, and then it loosens up. This is really old, so it’s not showing you. But if you do a backward P, then when you give the correction then it stays tight. But this is not safe, especially with a dog that pulls way too much because all they’re doing is choking themselves. And they don’t care how much they’re choking themselves. So it’s not safe for the trachea. So this is just for like, last minute, flip it around, around the neck. Take him to go for a quick pee and then come back inside. So, I don’t recommend this. 

Then you have, you have this leash. This is four feet. A four-foot leash is okay, but a six-foot nylon leather rope leash is better for training only because you can give the dog more slack. So when they’re on a free walk, then if it’s only four feet then, when they’re in front of you and they’re on a free walk, they’re pulling you too much. So then your whole entire walk is kind of like, pulling back because they’re pulling you forward. This is okay for, puppies. The thickness of the rope is better than this one. See the difference here? 

The main thing with this rope even though it’s long, the rope is small. So when you have your thumb here and you’re holding on to the leash but then once the dog starts pulling, then you can get a rope burn from the leash because you don’t have enough grasp on it. So if you are going to get a rope leash, make sure it’s nice and thick.

So when the puppy is biting and biting and biting on the leash they’re not gonna go through the leash and it’s easy on the hands, okay? So instead of a four-foot then you want to get a longer one. A six-foot leash, okay. A little bit longer. This one is a little bit longer than your normal six-foot leash. 

But then for your biting puppies, which is really typical and when you’re keeping the dog on the leash inside of the house on a watch, then a chain link leash is the best because they can chew as much as they want. They’re getting the chewing energy out on the leash instead of chewing through a whole bunch of nylon leashes which will cost you money, especially if they’re biting through many. And within my years of training, I’ve seen many puppies or dogs go through bite through many leashes, chainlink leashes. But the only thing is when you’re walking your dog outside, switch it to nylon or the leather leash because it’s easier on the hand when you’re training with the dog outside. It hurts your hands after a while of walking and training and pulling in, you know, correcting your dog while walking or training outside. So a chainlink leash is fabulous for inside so the dog can bite as much, as much as they want. Okay? 

So I hope that helps and see you soon. Thank you.

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