Which Toys and Bones Are Safe For Dogs

Which Toys and Bones Are Safe For Dogs

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | Which Toys and Bones Are Safe For Dogs

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Which toys or bones are safe for your dogs?

So there are many different kinds out there. One that is unsafe– don’t get it. Don’t even waste your money even though they’re everywhere. The rawhide bones are not good because they’re white and when they’re chewing on them, their spit makes them soft and slimy. And it doesn’t break into pieces and it can be a big piece. If they swallow it, it can get lodged in their throat and they can choke. Especially after so many years of your dog chewing on a rawhide bone, it’s not good for the digestive tract. It’s not good for their system whatsoever, okay?

For puppies, an empty marrowbone is fabulous because it’s safe. It’s great for chewing and it pacifies the dog when they’re in their confinement, okay? The great thing about the marrowbone is that you want to get an empty marrowbone. The ones that have the stuffing, okay, it’s great because they have different flavors on them. But you don’t know what’s in that stuffing, too. And what kind of chemicals are put in there and it’s not necessarily very nutritious for your dog. So an empty marrowbone, you know, exactly what’s going on. I like going in there so you can get peanut butter. You put the peanut butter in the middle of the bone so they can smell it and work to get it out.

There are different sizes. You have the small, you have the medium, and then you have a large, all depending on the size of the dog. Whatever size that you get, when the dog continues to chew on this, especially when they really, really love it.

When it gets down to let’s say, this size or like a little bit smaller, throw it away.

The only reason why is, within my experience, there have been dogs that have chewed it all the way down and the bone has actually got lodged in between their teeth, so.

And then they’re freaking out, you’re freaking out because you’re trying to get it out. So when it gets too small throw it out and get a new one, okay? So peanut butter is in the middle of the bone.

Then you have a con toy. The fabulous thing about the con toy is that you have the regular rubber ones, then you have the black ones which are supposed to be indestructible.

You know, some dogs can actually get through with no problem. But it has a small hole on the top and a bigger hole on the bottom. You put the peanut butter on the far top of the toy.

You don’t want to fill the whole entire thing up with peanut butter because then they can get diarrhea from eating too much peanut butter or it can just fill them up so much that they’re not going to eat their food. So, you put a little bit of peanut butter. They can smell it and then it works. They work to try and get it out and they’re using their chewing energy out on that instead of play biting everything or chewing on your furniture.

Then you have the antlers, okay? For young puppies, you don’t want to use the antlers because their teeth are too brittle. And the antlers are too hard. Once you get to like six months, six, seven months, most of their puppy teeth are gone especially the canine, and then they can chew as much as they want. These are indestructible.

I had a pit bull, when he was alive, he was able to break the marrowbones, and then he would swallow the marrowbones and then throw them back up. So luckily, I didn’t have to take them to the vet or have any internal problems. But with the antlers, they would last for the longest time. And he would get his chewing energy out on antlers. So these are fabulous. There are so many different sizes for little dogs. Even like a two-pound dog and little tiny antlers. They’re so cute.

So there are all different sizes and they have big ones, and small ones and everything so they can get their chewing energy out. 

One thing that you can do is choose one or two chewing toys as their special bones or special toys. Every single time that you put them in the crate then you’re giving them this special toy. And they know that they’re excited to go in the crate because they know they’re getting that. So if you’re using these two as you know, their everyday chewing toys and you can use the con toy

as their special treat every single time that you put them in their confinement, then you give them the con. So they, they can get their energy out. It is extremely important to give them something to keep them busy when they’re in the crate.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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