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I Am Grateful For YOU!

I am so grateful to be living my dream and working with dogs!  I loved animals since birth.  It is so important to do what you love.  

I am so grateful for my life, I am grateful for my health, and

I AM Grateful for you!  I am grateful to have you taking a look at my website, learning from me, met you and either helped you with your dog, showed gratitude for helping animals, or giving any advice to you to bring Peace to your home!

My mission is to keep dogs in their Forever home and to help as many animals and people as possible!  

Thank you for sharing!  I wish you nothing but the best as we wrap up the 2021 year!  Blessings to you and your family!

I am so grateful to be living my dream and I love working with dogs and Keeping Them In Their Forever Home or getting them to the point that they Find and Stay in their Forever Home!  I knew that I wanted to work with animals and I know that it is so important to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT!!  YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO!

However, and here’s the BUT. .

Do I want to RELY on only Dog Training as the means by which I pay the rent, save for a house, save for my son’s education, allow my son to do whatever brings him joy, allow myself to do whatever brings me joy, afford organic food and supplements, eating amazing food, traveling, and living my BEST LIFE?

NO, I Don’t!!

I have been learning ways to make passive income and that has been my focus for over 10 years.  I think it’s important to always have multiple sources of income.   It is hard doing it by myself!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my students (dogs) and I am so blessed to have met the most amazing families!  I have so many amazing stories and I have saved many lives! This has been such an awesome journey.

I want to help families worldwide. Please take a look at my courses to train in the comfort of your home! PLEASE SHARE!

All Courses – Dog Mystic Academy (thinkific.com)

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Do You Think Obesity Is At An All Time High With Our Pets?

Unfortunately obesity is it at all time high for people but it’s also affecting our pets.

Our pets do not live as long as we do so let’s start feeding them nutritious food, stop feeding them people food because the seasoning and sodium is not good for their body, and they need exercise just like we do.

No matter what, if we are eating the same thing every single day of course we’re going to get bored so you have to add some nutritious things to the food just too give more flavor.

You can add: chicken, vegetable, beef, or bone broth, 100% canned pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or any vegetables they like.

Please take a look at the ingredients in the bag of food that you are feeding your dog. If the first ingredients are corn and a meat by product, IT IS NOT HEALTHY! If you feed your dog Pedigree, it is like feeding your dog McDonald’s every single day.

Just remember that exercise and dog training is mental and physical stimulation for your dog. It keeps us all healthy and creates a lasting bond with your dog!

pit with salad on head

Why Are Grapes & Raisins Toxic To Dogs?

Has a grape ever fallen on the floor and you rush to pick it up so your dog does not get it before you?

I know I have. I always wondered why grapes are so dangerous to dogs. Well, the ASPCA Poison Control Center discovered why grapes and raisins are toxic.

The Tartaric Acid in grapes cause: *Vomiting *Diarrhea *Excessive Thirst *Kidney Damage or Failure. Unfortunately, even one grape/raisin toxicity can even be fatal.

You can induce vomiting by using a baby medicine syringe and squeeze a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the dogs mouth. Keep the dogs face straight and DO NOT LIFT THE DOG’S HEAD TO THE SKY BECAUSE THEY CAN CHOKE! Close the mouth and rub the throat so the dog automatically swallows the peroxide. Once they throw up then take them to the vet if you notice any symptoms!

Please pick up a grape as soon as it falls so the dogs don’t eat it. Be aware and remember Watch or Confine!


Why Is Xylitol Dangerous For Dogs?

Xylitol causes the dog’s pancreas to raise the insulin in the body to unsafe levels.

The glucose goes to the muscle and fat cells and leaves all the other organs totally drained. The sugar is needed for the brain to function properly and without it the brain cells start dying, which can KILL your dog! Wow that is scary! Especially for small dogs, they will be affected quicker then larger dogs.

When a dog has low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), the dogs go into shock first. They stand in one spot and are off balance, then they become limp and go into a seizure.

Put some honey on your finger and rub it in their mouth and on the tongue to stabilize the body and gives you time to rush to the vet!!

Please read the ingredients before giving your dog peanut butter and any other human snacks.