Why Is Xylitol Dangerous For Dogs?

Xylitol causes the dog’s pancreas to raise the insulin in the body to unsafe levels.

The glucose goes to the muscle and fat cells and leaves all the other organs totally drained. The sugar is needed for the brain to function properly and without it the brain cells start dying, which can KILL your dog! Wow that is scary! Especially for small dogs, they will be affected quicker then larger dogs.

When a dog has low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), the dogs go into shock first. They stand in one spot and are off balance, then they become limp and go into a seizure.

Put some honey on your finger and rub it in their mouth and on the tongue to stabilize the body and gives you time to rush to the vet!!

Please read the ingredients before giving your dog peanut butter and any other human snacks.

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