pit with salad on head

Do You Think Obesity Is At An All Time High With Our Pets?

Unfortunately obesity is it at all time high for people but it’s also affecting our pets.

Our pets do not live as long as we do so let’s start feeding them nutritious food, stop feeding them people food because the seasoning and sodium is not good for their body, and they need exercise just like we do.

No matter what, if we are eating the same thing every single day of course we’re going to get bored so you have to add some nutritious things to the food just too give more flavor.

You can add: chicken, vegetable, beef, or bone broth, 100% canned pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or any vegetables they like.

Please take a look at the ingredients in the bag of food that you are feeding your dog. If the first ingredients are corn and a meat by product, IT IS NOT HEALTHY! If you feed your dog Pedigree, it is like feeding your dog McDonald’s every single day.

Just remember that exercise and dog training is mental and physical stimulation for your dog. It keeps us all healthy and creates a lasting bond with your dog!

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