Dogs Can Do The Doggie Paddle In Water But Teach Them Where The Stairs Are

Swimming Is Such Good Exercise For Your Dog

Just Be Aware!

There are two reasons why dogs drown in a pool.

First a dog that is heavy in the back area like Bulldogs, sink faster then other dogs.  Not all bullies need a life vest but it is advisable. 

Second, if a dog is treading water at the end of a pool and then they get tired that is when they sink and can drown.

If you want your dog to swim in the pool, the first thing that you want to do is put the leash on the dog.  Bring the dog into the pool with you and let them swim around and then with the leash guide them to the steps and keep on doing that until they realize that is where they get out.

Repetition and consistency are so important to get the dog used to swimming in the water and swimming toward the stairs to get out. My suggestion is to always be outside with your dog when they are getting acclimated to swimming in the water.

Just remember that a dog’s psychology and a child’s psychology are very alike. They will try to push their limits as much as they can.

how not to pet a dog

What Is The Proper Way To Pet a Dog?


No matter how big the dog is, any hand looks big coming toward their head.  

If the dog is a rescue then, most of the time, we do not know what happened to them in the past.  If they were abused then they will cower when your hand comes down or they can get aggressive and give you a warning bite, that can still draw blood.

Always put the top of your hand out for the dog to smell you first, then PET FROM UNDER THE CHIN, LIKE A CAT!!!

If the dog is very nervous or shy, try to give them a treat to show them that you will not harm them.  Try your best to not stare them directly in the eyes because it is intimidating for a nervous dog.


How Do You Get Your Dog Used To Wearing a Collar and Leash?


Please be patient with your pup

When you first get a new puppy, you can not expect the dog to be used to walking on a leash or even having a collar on. It should be done in a step by step process. If you force the dog to try and walk then they will fear the collar and that can cause problems for the future.

First thing you need to do is put the collar on the dog. Even if they are scratching at their neck, it is totally normal because they are not used to having something around their neck. Once they are used to the collar then you can get them used to the leash.

Do not put the leash on the dog and always expect the dog to be excited to walk with you. Most puppies will just lay down and refuse to walk. The best thing to do is to put the leash on the dog inside the house and let the dog walk around with it while you are home, so they get used to having the leash dragging behind them. After about 2 days, then you can try taking the dog for a walk.

Once you try taking the dog for a walk, grab a squeeky toy to get the dog excited. Start walking with the dog on the leash while squeeking the toy and telling the dog to come. As soon as the dog starts walking with you, give the dog plenty of praise, “good girl or boy come on.” Do it for a short amount of time the first time and progressively get longer each additional time. Once your dog starts walking you will be able to enjoy a long walk with your dog.  Just Be Patient!!!!


What Are Some Dog Mystic Exercises?

The Universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers…Animals are in the present all the time and their secret power is to pull us in with them!

PLEASE take about five minutes or longer to just sit on the floor and love you dogs.  Put your phone on silent and sit on the floor or on the bed and enjoy petting your dog. While you are petting your dog, take some nice long deep breaths. Petting your dog lowers your blood pressure as well as lowering your dog’s blood pressure.

If your dog is not fearful of hugs, you can give them a hug. Also, massaging them will relax them even more. Allow your dog to pull you into the present moment.

Another exercise that you can do while you’re walking with your dog put your phone on silent so you were focusing all of your attention on nature and your dog.

Start to take some deep breaths and you can either shrug your shoulders or make circles with your shoulders because it relieves the tension and your body.

Enjoy the walk and being with your dog instead of being on the phone and not being aware of everything that is going on around you.


Which Leashes Are Safe and Unsafe?

There are so many leashes to choose from, do you know which leashes to get?

My preference is a 6 ft. leash either nylon or leather.   The 4 ft. leash doesn’t give them enough slack in the leash when they are on a free walk.

Before you buy a nylon leash, hold it in your hand to make sure it is not rough on the edges because it can hurt your hands.  The rope leashes are good but make sure they are thick because the thin rope leash hurts your hands and you can get a rope burn.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A RETRACTABLE LEASH!  They are unsafe and you can get a severe rope burn especially with the ones that have the extra thin rope.  It can get wrapped around your legs and fingers and cut you badly.

If you have a puppy, you should keep the dog on a watch inside the house, which means when you can watch the puppy, you have the dog on the leash with you so they can’t sneak off to have an accident or chew on something. When you can’t watch you confine. One thing you can do is get a 4 ft. chain link leash, so the dog can chew on the metal instead of chewing through the nylon leashes.

A 10 – 12 nylon leash is good for working on the come command from a distance.


Please Rescue Instead Of Purchasing A Dog

There are so many amazing dogs that need to be rescued!

Even though there were plenty of dogs who were rescued in the beginning of quarantine, there are still so many that need to be rescued and they make amazing additions to your home.

I have adopted all of my dogs and even though most of them were mutts or now known as designer breeds, they have been amazing. When you rescue a dog they are so grateful and appreciative. They become loyal companions and will do anything to make you feel comfortable, pull you into the present moment and show you so much love.

Most of the time, the dogs choose you because they use their puppy dog eyes to make you look at them. Even if they don’t and they are scared of the world, Have Patience because you will create the most amazing bond!

Please read this amazing transformation of Honey, who was so aggressive and would have been euthanized if I did not train her and get her adopted:

The Dog Mystic

Do You Believe Your Dog Should Be Secure In A Car?

If people are driving in a car without a seatbelt then we can get fined.

It is for our own safety and it is extremely important to keep your dog safe by either getting a doggy seat belt, a doggie seat, or wrapping the handle of a 6 foot leash around the hand rail in the backseat of the car or truck and tie a knot so the dog has enough room to sit or lie down.

If your dog is secure in the back seat then if you get rear-ended from behind then the dog is not coming flying to the front and banging into something. Also, it is so dangerous to have your dog jumping from the back to the front of the car while you are driving. Think about it, there are so many crazy drivers out there and you should be paying attention to the road instead of controlling your dog.

If your dog is in your lap and chooses to jump down in front of you, especially the small pups then your focus is on the pup instead of the road!

The dog could get paralyzed on impact or die. We do not want that to happen.


Allow The Dogs To Draw Us Into The Present Moment

The universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers.

Animals are in the present all the time, and their secret power is to pull us in with them!

Allow the dogs to get your attention and get you out of your monkey mind. When they are trying to get you focused on them, stop if you are able to, put your phone down (FOR JUST 5 MINUTES), and sit on the floor or if they are allowed on the bed then sit down and start petting them and breathing with them, and allow them to calm your nervous system down. There have been studies that show that petting a dog will lower your blood pressure as well as the dogs.

Remember, dogs are pack animals and want your love and attention. They have a sixth sense so they know when you are not feeling well and sad or anxious. ALLOW them to draw your attention on them instead of what you are stressing about.

Enjoy the present moment and be grateful for what you have.


The Full Moon Affects Dogs Just As Much As People

There are some full moons when the dogs have no effect whatsoever and then there are some full moons when are extremely hyper, totally defiant, and testing your every move. PATIENCE! My clients have called me and said, “This dog is driving me crazy, he or she has not acted like this is a long time!”

I used to be a teacher and the full moon that had plenty of energy, the kids looked like little ants moving around the classroom. They had an internal motor that could not be stopped. Dogs are the same way!

The leash is your tool. You have control! When your pup is being defiant and putting everything in their mouth they should be placed on the leash, so they can not sneak off and get in trouble.

Training will definitely help. Even if you work with them for just 5 minutes it will help. The mental stimulation gets them more tired then just playing with their toys.