What Are Some Dog Mystic Exercises?

The Universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers…Animals are in the present all the time and their secret power is to pull us in with them!

PLEASE take about five minutes or longer to just sit on the floor and love you dogs.  Put your phone on silent and sit on the floor or on the bed and enjoy petting your dog. While you are petting your dog, take some nice long deep breaths. Petting your dog lowers your blood pressure as well as lowering your dog’s blood pressure.

If your dog is not fearful of hugs, you can give them a hug. Also, massaging them will relax them even more. Allow your dog to pull you into the present moment.

Another exercise that you can do while you’re walking with your dog put your phone on silent so you were focusing all of your attention on nature and your dog.

Start to take some deep breaths and you can either shrug your shoulders or make circles with your shoulders because it relieves the tension and your body.

Enjoy the walk and being with your dog instead of being on the phone and not being aware of everything that is going on around you.

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