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Do You Believe Your Dog Should Be Secure In A Car?

If people are driving in a car without a seatbelt then we can get fined.

It is for our own safety and it is extremely important to keep your dog safe by either getting a doggy seat belt, a doggie seat, or wrapping the handle of a 6 foot leash around the hand rail in the backseat of the car or truck and tie a knot so the dog has enough room to sit or lie down.

If your dog is secure in the back seat then if you get rear-ended from behind then the dog is not coming flying to the front and banging into something. Also, it is so dangerous to have your dog jumping from the back to the front of the car while you are driving. Think about it, there are so many crazy drivers out there and you should be paying attention to the road instead of controlling your dog.

If your dog is in your lap and chooses to jump down in front of you, especially the small pups then your focus is on the pup instead of the road!

The dog could get paralyzed on impact or die. We do not want that to happen.

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