Please Rescue Instead Of Purchasing A Dog

There are so many amazing dogs that need to be rescued!

Even though there were plenty of dogs who were rescued in the beginning of quarantine, there are still so many that need to be rescued and they make amazing additions to your home.

I have adopted all of my dogs and even though most of them were mutts or now known as designer breeds, they have been amazing. When you rescue a dog they are so grateful and appreciative. They become loyal companions and will do anything to make you feel comfortable, pull you into the present moment and show you so much love.

Most of the time, the dogs choose you because they use their puppy dog eyes to make you look at them. Even if they don’t and they are scared of the world, Have Patience because you will create the most amazing bond!

Please read this amazing transformation of Honey, who was so aggressive and would have been euthanized if I did not train her and get her adopted:

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