moving with dogs

Moving to a New Home While Having Dogs

If you have the ability to have the dog stay with someone or take them to a doggie daycare, you will have more peace of mind and your dog will be having fun.  It is best to have the dog stay away until you are moved into the new place and things are out of the boxes and somewhat in place.  Of course it does not have to be perfect but there should be some order.

Once you are somewhat settled and you get your dog, always have them on the leash.  If you have a yard, walk them around the yard to pick up the new scents and just observe their new surroundings.  Walk them around outside first then bring them in the house.  Once inside, walk the dog around and let them check out their new home.  Keep the dog on a watch, so the dog does not mark their scent.  I suggest keeping the dog on the leash at least for the first day, so they can’t sneak off and have an accident while you are not paying attention.  

A dog’s anxiety starts to build when you start packing and the house gets emptier and emptier.  Dogs are creatures of habit, so it is very confusing for them to see the large items disappear when they are used to seeing everything in the same place for a long period of time.  If you are very stressed out, your dog will be able to pick up on your stress and will be more uneasy than usual.  

At first the dog may have fun with the boxes and it may be funny to you but after a while your dog can become a nuisance and make you more stressed.  Think about it, you are packing things and not paying attention to the dog, so the dog starts biting or playing with things that they are not supposed to be touching.  You want to get things done quickly but your dog or dogs may hold you up.

Moving is a stressful time in a person’s life.  It is extremely stressful and confusing for all the pets in the household.  The best suggestion is, if at all possible, have your dog or dogs stay at someone’s house or bring them to a doggie daycare while you are packing and moving.


Is Your Doggie Not Feeling Well, Don’t Rush To The Vet

I am not a veterinarian and will never be.

If your dog is not feeling well and has diarrhea please do the rush to the vet the first day, unless they are extremely weak and sick.

Especially a puppy because they put everything in their mouth.

Boil some chicken and you can mix it with plain rice, canned pumpkin, 100% pure, no pumkin pie mix, or boiled sweet potatoes mashed up.

If they are really gassy then I have given my dogs tums to lessen the bloating.

If you give them this diet and it does not help or they become very weak after 3 days then yes take them to the vet. We all get upset stomachs from time to time and our body goes through a cleanse. I know I don’t run to the Dr. unless it is really needed.

I am here for any questions so book a call or message me.

switching dogs food

How To Transition From One Dog Food To Another

Corn goes right through our bodies and does the same for dogs. Biproducts are every single part of a chicken including intestines, claws, and beaks. Pedigree is a very unhealthy food. It is like feeding your dog McDonald everyday. You can take a look at to get a 1 – 5 star rating on the food.

Once you get the new food, for the first day just add a small amount in your fingertips, then a little bit more for the 2nd day. On the third day add 1/4 cup for each feeding if the dog is big enough for that much. Just keep adding a little bit more each day until you are adding more of the new food.

If your dog is not reacting well to the new food then you will notice their stool is loose, mushy, or runny. They may also have a lot of gas. When you are switching food, it is trial and error.

If your dog has allergies, there are plenty of times that chicken causes more allergies then beef, lamb, or fish. Within my 20 years of dog training, I have learned that light colored and white dogs have more food and environmental allergies then darker colored dogs. I find that foods that have fish and limited ingredients works best for dogs with allergies but I am not a veterinarian.

All dogs are different, so it may not affect their belly but why take the chance. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has caused people to have to switch to a less expensive food and that is ok. My only suggestion is to switch to a food that does not have corn and biproduct meal.

Please do not quickly switch from one brand of food to another because it may cause severe diarrhea!

Ciroq on a WATCH

Dogs Should Be A Part Of The Family

Dogs are Angels put on this earth to bring us into the Here & Now. Allow them to do their job! They are social and they are pack animals. We humans have domesticated them and brought them into our world, so they see your family as their pack.

Yes there are some countries that believe dogs should be living outside instead of inside.


Please if you are going to keep your dog outside then give them the shelter, the stimulation with toys, and training so they do not go crazy out of boredom, escape from the yard, and bite other dogs or people.

Imagine yourself being stuck in a yard with no shelter when there’s lightning and pouring down rain or dealing with the extreme heat during the summer. It is just not fair! Also, within my 21 years of dog training, I have seen this plenty of times, where the family has a large dog outside (TO PROTECT THE HOUSE) and they have a small dog inside the house.

Most small dogs have the Napoleon complex and they think they are big and bad, so they stand at the window or sliding glass door and tease the big dog outside: “haha, I am inside and you are not!” The frustration and even hatred that the big dog feels about the small dog is allowed because it is totally unfair!


Bend Your Knees When Dogs Are Running In A Yard

Whenever two or more dogs are playing in a yard, always bend your knees because if they lose control and bang into you then your knees can get dislocated or get hurt really bad.

Within my 21 years of working with dogs, this is happened plenty of times and especially a medium to large dog, they can bring you to your knees and make you fall and it HURTS! It happens in a split second. Any aged dog can loose control and bang in to you but it happens more with puppies. They are more clumsy and do not have much spatial boundaries. Do not put your guard down especially if you are outside with your pups in the morning and you are really not fully awake.

Imagine walking straight, and Then getting plowed from the side from your pup and get thrown to the ground on all fours. THAT WILL WAKE YOU UP!! TRUST ME.


A Dog’s Memory is Amazing!!!

Many people don’t know that anything that happens to a dog in between the ages of 4 through 9 weeks of their lives is ingrained into their minds.  Anything their mother does to them, they will remember.  If they are unfortunately abused at an early age, they remember all the details.

For example, if a tall man that always wears a hat abuses a dog, then every time the dog sees a tall man with a hat, they become very submissive and think they will get hurt.  If there is one puppy that is very hyper and is going to get the other litter mates hyper, the mother will grab that puppy by the scruff of the neck with her teeth, give a growl until the puppy submits and calms down, then she will release them.  So, when we grab the scruff of the neck of a puppy or dog, they will remember the feeling and calm down quicker.

Obedience Training:

The earlier that you start training your puppy, the better it is because they are little sponges and they absorb it all.  Obedience training with different commands is so important for the peace in your household.  You gain the dominance of the dog and the dog gets more tired than just running around playing with toys because dog training takes mental stimulation.

Dogs are capable of learning hundreds of one or two word commands but you must say the commands firmly because if you draw out the command (siiiiiiittttttt), then you are asking the dog instead of commanding them to do it.  A dog’s psychology and a child’s psychology are almost exactly alike because if they know that they can get away with just a little bit, they will push it for everything they can.

For example, if you are not watching your dog, they can sneak into the bathroom and make a mess. 

Do not make excuses for your dog and make sure you do not feel bad that you have to reprimand them for doing something wrong.  Try to catch them in the act of doing something that they should not be doing.  Do Not Give Up when giving your dog a command.  Always make them do whatever you want them to do.  Just remember, PATIENCE and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!!


All Dogs Have A Sixth Sense!

As I was saying, the leash is your tool, a dog can sense exactly how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking because your energy goes from you through the leash and to the dog. 

Please be confident that your dog will do a certain command because if you are uncertain and don’t think that your dog will do it, THE DOG KNOWS, so in their minds they think, ” well if you don’t think I can do it, then why should I.”  A dog’s mind and a child’s mind are almost exactly the same, if they know they can get away with something they’re going to push it for everything that they can no matter what!

Dogs know whether a person is a good person or a bad person the second you open your front door.  They know if a person walking 10 – 20 feet away is dangerous and they start barking aggressively to warn them and you.

Although a human brain is ten times larger, the part that controls smell is 40 million times larger in dogs!  Wow!  A dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than ours.

Even if a puppy is extremely hyper, they know when you are not feeling well and most of the time they will have the ability to calm their body down and lay next to you just to make you feel better.  


A Collar OR A Harness? That Is The Question.

Every dog trainer has their own preference in what they use for training.

I like to use collars instead of the harness because you have more control and when they feel the pull against their chest then it gives them more dominance and they think they’re all big and bad.

Yes of course there’s the no pull harness and other tools but I honestly have not used them. Think of sled dogs, as soon as they feel the pull against their chest then they feel the dominance and they want to start pulling so no matter what the size of the breed is that is what they feel.

The dogs do not care if you pull their body to try and correct them but it is more uncomfortable for them to feel the pull around their neck. As long as you get a nilon or leather collar, it does not harm the trachea. If the dog is a medium to large dog, please get a thick collar because it is uncomfortable for the dog when the collar is to thin. It can loosen up easier and fall to the bottom of the throat, which will make them cough and then scare you because you think they are choking.

When the leash is on the collar and you give the dog a leash correction, you do not have to pull back with all your strength. Just a little pop back on the leash toward the tail is good enough.



Hello everyone,  this is very important news that has been really bothering me lately and has been a very big problem this year especially while I have been training puppies.  Unfortunately, breeders are selling puppies way to young.  There is no reason why puppies should leave their mom and littermates less than 8 weeks old.  They learn so much from their mother and littermates.

Not only are they selling the puppies to young, they put them in a crate and on an airplane in cargo.  Their immune system is not strong.  This is causing major crate anxiety and plenty of fear from noises because it is so loud in cargo and unfortunately the people that get them out are probably not gentle getting the crates to where they need to be.  The puppies are filled with pee and feces.  

Here are your top 10 pet couriers in 2019 – and they’re all IPATA-approved =  Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association .

Imagine being less than 2 months old and being totally traumatized like this.  It is not fair.  It is very difficult to fix crate anxiety and separation anxiety because they pee and defecate from the anxiety as soon as they are put in the crate.  Even if you switch to a playpen, which gives them more space, it has been causing major anxiety.  Granted, every dog is different, just like every person is different.  They can hurt themselves from trying to bite the cage or dig at the bottom.  

10 – 13 weeks is a perfect age to adopt a puppy.  I have trained plenty of puppies that are extremely fearful of noises and just the world around them.  They are shy and it is dangerous to walk them because they can slip out of their collars and go running in the street once they hear a loud truck, motorcycle, or garbage truck.  

Separation anxiety can lead to mass destruction and will only worsen with time.  The most important thing to start with is to choose a confinement for your dog.  It could be a crate, playpen, or certain small room in the house.  Do not see the confinement as a negative thing.  Dogs are like wolves and they see their den or confinement as their safe place.   Your dog will not have the opportunity to bite and destroy furniture. I have seen some horrible destruction of the home caused by one dog.

If you are a stay at home parent or you work from home, DO NOT have the dog with you at all times.  If you have the chance to leave the house for a little bit, even if it is for 15 minutes, please do, so your dog will get used to you leaving and coming home.  When you do leave and come home, do not make a big deal because it raises the dog’s anxiety.

A rescued dog with separation anxiety:

If you rescued a dog with separation anxiety, it will take some time and patience but the problem can be solved.  Please be patient!!!  First, put the crate in an area of the house where the dog can not see you leaving the house.  You might also want to get a plastic covered crate, so the dog does not hurt themselves trying to get out.  

You can set the dog up by putting the dog in the crate, put a deer antler or empty marrow bone with a little bit of peanut butter in the middle to try to get their attention focused on the bone instead of you leaving.  Every dog is different.  Go outside for 3 – 5 minutes then come back in and let him or her out of the crate.  DON’T say anything, just let the dog out, so they realize that they can be comfortable being in the crate.  Also, before you start getting ready to leave, put the dog in the crate, so they can not see you getting ready because that causes the anxiety as soon as you start your daily habit before leaving.  By the time you leave, their anxiety is very high.  That is why people think that the dogs are having an accident on purpose.  They can not hold it. It is like a person with a nervous stomach, who can not help but to throw up or they have to have a bowel movement.

Training will definitely help with separation anxiety:

Obedience training is so important for the peace in your household.  You gain the dominance of the dog and the dog gets more tired than just running around playing with toys because dog training takes mental stimulation.  The best part is that it does not take long on a daily basis.  Even if you work with the dog for 10 – 15 minutes before you leave, that will be perfect.  Take the dog out before you go and remember give them the bone in the crate and walk out without saying anything.

A tired dog is a happy dog!!!!!!


The Leash Is Your Tool As Well As Being Firm But Loving!

When the dog does not have the leash on then they are in control. They have to much freedom and think that they can chew on whatever or go to the bathroom throughout the whole house. 

If the dog cannot be trusted in the house without having an accident or chewing on something you need to keep them on a watch or confine.

When the dog is on a watch, you keep the dog on the leash inside the house, so the dog cannot sneak off to have an accident or destroy something.  You can put a belt on and put the loop of a 6 ft. nylon leash or a 4 ft. chain link leash, if they are biters, through the belt, so your hands are free.

You can also wrap the leash around the leg of the couch and put clasp through the loop then attach it to the collar.

When you cannot watch the dog then put the dog in their confinement even if it is just for a short time for you to go to the bathroom because that is when they take advantage and get in trouble.

This may sound strange but if you have a large puppy that is extremely strong, clumsy, and doesn’t know their own strength then please keep the leash on them inside the house even if they’re housebroken.

If you open up the crate door and they literally knock you down because they’re so excited to get out and then they grab everything that they’re not supposed to, then they are just pushing their limits and getting away with way too much.

You can get really hurt if they are hyper and in their puppy Zoomies and banging to you knock you down and hurt your body.

Best thing to do is put the leash on before they get out of the crate.