A Dog’s Memory is Amazing!!!

Many people don’t know that anything that happens to a dog in between the ages of 4 through 9 weeks of their lives is ingrained into their minds.  Anything their mother does to them, they will remember.  If they are unfortunately abused at an early age, they remember all the details.

For example, if a tall man that always wears a hat abuses a dog, then every time the dog sees a tall man with a hat, they become very submissive and think they will get hurt.  If there is one puppy that is very hyper and is going to get the other litter mates hyper, the mother will grab that puppy by the scruff of the neck with her teeth, give a growl until the puppy submits and calms down, then she will release them.  So, when we grab the scruff of the neck of a puppy or dog, they will remember the feeling and calm down quicker.

Obedience Training:

The earlier that you start training your puppy, the better it is because they are little sponges and they absorb it all.  Obedience training with different commands is so important for the peace in your household.  You gain the dominance of the dog and the dog gets more tired than just running around playing with toys because dog training takes mental stimulation.

Dogs are capable of learning hundreds of one or two word commands but you must say the commands firmly because if you draw out the command (siiiiiiittttttt), then you are asking the dog instead of commanding them to do it.  A dog’s psychology and a child’s psychology are almost exactly alike because if they know that they can get away with just a little bit, they will push it for everything they can.

For example, if you are not watching your dog, they can sneak into the bathroom and make a mess. 

Do not make excuses for your dog and make sure you do not feel bad that you have to reprimand them for doing something wrong.  Try to catch them in the act of doing something that they should not be doing.  Do Not Give Up when giving your dog a command.  Always make them do whatever you want them to do.  Just remember, PATIENCE and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!!

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