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Dogs Should Be A Part Of The Family

Dogs are Angels put on this earth to bring us into the Here & Now. Allow them to do their job! They are social and they are pack animals. We humans have domesticated them and brought them into our world, so they see your family as their pack.

Yes there are some countries that believe dogs should be living outside instead of inside.


Please if you are going to keep your dog outside then give them the shelter, the stimulation with toys, and training so they do not go crazy out of boredom, escape from the yard, and bite other dogs or people.

Imagine yourself being stuck in a yard with no shelter when there’s lightning and pouring down rain or dealing with the extreme heat during the summer. It is just not fair! Also, within my 21 years of dog training, I have seen this plenty of times, where the family has a large dog outside (TO PROTECT THE HOUSE) and they have a small dog inside the house.

Most small dogs have the Napoleon complex and they think they are big and bad, so they stand at the window or sliding glass door and tease the big dog outside: “haha, I am inside and you are not!” The frustration and even hatred that the big dog feels about the small dog is allowed because it is totally unfair!

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