The Leash Is Your Tool As Well As Being Firm But Loving!

When the dog does not have the leash on then they are in control. They have to much freedom and think that they can chew on whatever or go to the bathroom throughout the whole house. 

If the dog cannot be trusted in the house without having an accident or chewing on something you need to keep them on a watch or confine.

When the dog is on a watch, you keep the dog on the leash inside the house, so the dog cannot sneak off to have an accident or destroy something.  You can put a belt on and put the loop of a 6 ft. nylon leash or a 4 ft. chain link leash, if they are biters, through the belt, so your hands are free.

You can also wrap the leash around the leg of the couch and put clasp through the loop then attach it to the collar.

When you cannot watch the dog then put the dog in their confinement even if it is just for a short time for you to go to the bathroom because that is when they take advantage and get in trouble.

This may sound strange but if you have a large puppy that is extremely strong, clumsy, and doesn’t know their own strength then please keep the leash on them inside the house even if they’re housebroken.

If you open up the crate door and they literally knock you down because they’re so excited to get out and then they grab everything that they’re not supposed to, then they are just pushing their limits and getting away with way too much.

You can get really hurt if they are hyper and in their puppy Zoomies and banging to you knock you down and hurt your body.

Best thing to do is put the leash on before they get out of the crate.

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