Is Your Doggie Not Feeling Well, Don’t Rush To The Vet

I am not a veterinarian and will never be.

If your dog is not feeling well and has diarrhea please do the rush to the vet the first day, unless they are extremely weak and sick.

Especially a puppy because they put everything in their mouth.

Boil some chicken and you can mix it with plain rice, canned pumpkin, 100% pure, no pumkin pie mix, or boiled sweet potatoes mashed up.

If they are really gassy then I have given my dogs tums to lessen the bloating.

If you give them this diet and it does not help or they become very weak after 3 days then yes take them to the vet. We all get upset stomachs from time to time and our body goes through a cleanse. I know I don’t run to the Dr. unless it is really needed.

I am here for any questions so book a call or message me.

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