how not to pet a dog

Please Do Not Hit Your Dog!

Have you ever hit your dog and then the dog cowers away from your hand?

Look I know that there are times when your dog makes you mad and I understand.

Growing up, unfortunately my family thought that it was okay to hit the dog on the butt when they were not listening and it made the dog hand shy, meaning as soon as a hand is coming towards them, they get scared.

If you hit your dog, the dog can either be afraid of people’s hands or they can get aggressive because they think they are going to get hit and they have to stick up for themselves. Even children’s hands looks scary to them.

When you adopt a dog, you will be able to tell if a dog has been hit by the way they act when you go to pet them. Please pet the dog by putting your hand out for them to smell first, of course if they are not reacting aggressively towards you. Then pet the dog from under the chin instead of on top of the head.

A dog’s memory is amazing. Anything that happens to them within 4 – 9 weeks of their lives is engrained into their minds. If they were abused, for example, by a tall man that wore a hat, then every time they see a tall man with a hat, they get scared and either cower towards that man or get aggressive. Please be patient!

Through my 21 years of training I know that tone inflection and the leash are the most important and you will gain control!

Please take a look at my tone inflection video on Dog Mystic Academy YouTube Channel.

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