How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On Furniture

A shake can is a soda can, rinsed out so it is not sticky, then put around 10 – 15 pennies inside. You can put tape on top, so the pennies do not fly out. Keep the shake can behind your back.  When the dog jumps up, shake can near the face and say, “Off” then put it behind your back again, so they don’t get used to the can.  If they get used to the can then they will know that it is something that makes noise and it is not going to harm them.

*The noise is reinforcing the off command.

*If the dog is afraid of noises then you can get a spray bottle from Home Depot and use it just like the shake can and spray the water in the face and put it behind your back after 1 squirt.  As long as it has a firm stream of water coming out