How To Keep Your Dog Quiet

How To Keep Your Dog Quiet

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When you’re working with the quiet command, there are different tools that you can do, okay? 

First, what you want to try is a shake can. So you empty it out with water just so it doesn’t get sticky. You put about 10 pennies inside. The noise reinforces the quiet command. You keep it behind your back, just so they don’t get used to it. 

And when they’re barking and barking, barking, you walk up to the crate and shake– quiet! Put it behind your back again.  If they continue, now, when you’re working with the quiet command, it’s trial and error. You’re not sure exactly how long it’s going to take to end– what’s gonna work or not. So just be patient. 

Even though you want the dog to stop barking, just be patient.

Patience is the key in training no matter what, okay?

So, you shake the can and you walk out and if they continue, then you come back in, shake it, ‘No.’ Use the ‘No’, ‘Quiet!’, and put it behind your back again.

If the shaking doesn’t work at all, then you can go to the pet corrector. The main thing with the pet corrector is that it’s just a shot of cold air. It’s not a computer duster, CO2 cartridge. It has a bigger nozzle so it’s louder. So, pet corrector and you do it the same way but you don’t spray him in the face, you just spray towards the butt so it doesn’t doesn’t affect the eyes. And you use it the same way. 

You can also get a spritzer bottle. I love these spritzer bottles from either Dollar Tree or from Home Depot and it has a high stream– and the cool thing about the ones from Home Depot is you can shoot that thing from 20 feet away and no problem and you know, it’s the same thing, ‘Quiet’, ‘No bite.’ I mean, like it’s just your tool. It’s your magic wand. Okay?

But most retrievers absolutely love the water. So when you’re spraying them, they’ll be like, ”Okay. I love it, it’s great.” So that might not work. 

If the pet corrector still doesn’t work, then you can get an air horn. A large blow horn from Walmart in the fishing section or any marine store that has the blow horn, air horns– they’re big, they’re loud. And when you blow them, blow them on top of your head because if it’s loud for us, it’s gonna be really loud for them and it saves your ear, so blow it up. You don’t even need to say quietly because it’s so loud, so.

You have different tools and different techniques to see what’s going to work and what’s not going to work. But it’s just practice that makes it perfect to see exactly what’s going to keep your dog quiet.