no chocolate for dogs

Why is Chocolate Dangerous To Dogs?

When dogs have toxicity to chocolate, it’s the chemicals in the chocolate that they are reacting to.

Chocolate contains a chemical component called theobromine, which is similar to caffeine.

Since eating chocolate essentially causes a “caffeine overdose” in dogs, you can expect to see symptoms that mirror this.

Common symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs include:





Rapid heartbeat




If these symptoms arise please take your dog to the vet, especially small dogs. My dog Saphire, growing up, ate a whole chocolate cake but she was a 100 pound Rottweiler! Every dog is different and their bodies are all different. Small dogs do not have as much tolerance as a big dog.

You can induce vomiting by using a baby medicine syringe and squeeze a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the dogs mouth. Keep the dogs face straight and DO NOT LIFT THE DOG’S HEAD TO THE SKY BECAUSE THEY CAN CHOKE! Close the mouth and rub the throat so the dog automatically swallows the peroxide. Once they throw up then take them to the vet if you notice any symptoms!

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