What is the Houde Command

What Is The House Command?

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | What Is The House Command

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Within this video, we’re going to go through the House command.

A ‘House’ can be a crate or also can be a playpen. If you’re against confinements, everybody has their own preference. But if you’re against it and you have the dog in a bathroom or laundry room, then that’s their house. Wherever their confinement is, then you’re going to use the ‘House’ command, okay?

As soon as you start walking them to the house, then you keep on repeating, “House, house, house.” So you’re repeating the ‘House’ command. And even if they stop and they’re like, “No, I’m not going in.” Then you use the leash and you get them into the house, okay?

You don’t want to say ‘Stay’ because the main thing is, you just want to use the ‘House’ command. “House. House. House.” When they’re in there. If they come out of the house, one step out, then, “No. House.” Ok, so, watch.

Off. Prince. House. Come on. House.

So you use the leash here and you’re guiding him into the house.

House. House. House. No. No. House. House.

You can hold up your hand to show them ‘Stay’. But— no. You don’t want to say ‘Stay’.

No. House. House. No. House.

When you release him, just use the praise. You’re a good boy, yay!

You can say, ‘Calm.’ You can say like, you know the thing is, but it’s just the excitement in your voice. ‘Come. Come on. Yay!’

‘You get it!’ So it’s just the excitement.

So and he’s, he’s a newbie. He’s a baby and he’s never used.

He’s never learned the house command.

So the first time he’s learned ‘House’, so ‘House’ is good for any confinements.

See you soon. Thank you.

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