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My mission is to help families worldwide keep their dogs in their FOREVER home by teaching them how to train their dogs without treats. I have been training dogs for over 22 years and while dogs need to be trained, people have much to learn about connecting with their dogs. Too many people do not have the patience to deal with an unruly dog and they give the dog away. Delivering my message on stage is a responsibility I prepare intensely for as a teacher. Being asked to speak at your event is an honor, and I will do everything I can to deliver, educate, and entertain your audience’s needs.

My presentation is unique as I speak about a dog’s power to draw their owner’s attention on them instead of all the stressors going on in life. I give the audience easy practical exercises to create that ever-lasting bond with their dog on the soul level. As I speak I move and demonstrate some exercises simultaneously. Every talk is curated and customized to each event, theme, and audience. I am here to serve, uplift, and make an impactful change to teach people that dogs are Angels placed on this Earth to get us out of our minds worrying about the future and ruminating on the past and bring us into the present moment.



  • Many mindfulness exercises can be done with dogs to present Dog Mystic exercises to deepen your bond with your dog on the soul level.
  • How are dogs able to give children and people the ability to find their voice and make people feel comfortable expressing their emotions.
  • How do dogs pick up on people’s and other animals’ energy?


Cherie was published in Mountain Dog Magazine

Mountain Dog magazine Summer 2020 by mountaindogmagazine - Issuu


Book I Wrote

Happy Dogs = Happy Homes

Problem-Solving Techniques Without using treats.
Her mission is to keep dogs in their forever home
by teaching people how to train their dogs without
treats and how to keep themselves healthy by
drinking clean water.

The Dog Mystic instructs dogs of all ages, sizes,
and breeds, with no breed discrimination.
She works on problem-solving, commands, and
exercises to strengthen your bond with your dog or
dogs on the soul level, so they will always be family

With Cherie Marquez

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