I AM The Dog Mystic
Happy Dogs = Happy Homes

My mission is to keep dogs in their forever home.

The Dog Mystic instructs dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds, with no breed discrimination.  I work on problem-solving, commands, and exercises to strengthen your bond with your dog or dogs on the soul level, so they will always be family.

I am creating online dog training courses to teach worldwide. I want to help as many animals and people as possible!



First, a mystic sees this world and they see another world beyond the world of problems.

We recognize what is there. It really means allowing yourself to let go of your individual identity and just be and see the world as an interconnected union, to fully embody our humanity and our relationship with the natural world. We have an extreme affinity for nature.
I am the author of HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES, Problem Solving Techniques Without Using Treats!
The Dog Mystic Shares The Secrets To Connecting With Your Dog On The Soul Level Without Treats.”

I help people bring out the deep connection with their dog, themselves, and take care of the concerns people have.

All dogs and animals have a sixth sense, they can feel the energy of their surroundings in a second. They can sense a bad storm coming, they know whether a person is a good person or a bad person the second you open the front door or are walking  20 – 30 feet toward a person. The Dog Mystic will teach you how to receive the healing energy your dog is sending you and you will learn practical exercises for better harmony and connection.

My love for animals began when I was born.

My grandparents had dogs and my grandfather had a pigeon coop, so I was always around dogs and birds. I love all animals except hard shelled bugs, ewwwww, cockroaches. When I was about 3 years old, I would dig up and play with earthworms. The comfort that animals bring to my soul is just so special.

I knew that I wanted to work with animals from a very young age. I was lucky enough to have many animals of my own. I knew that I wanted to help as many animals as possible. My love, passion, and fearlessness never ended. The overwhelming bliss that I get when I am around dogs and other animals is just breathtaking.

I remember one day on the beach in Puerto Rico, running with a pack of dogs of all sizes because there are so many stray dogs.
This story will prove the sixth sense that dogs have because when I was 7 years old, I was sleeping on the beach in Puerto Rico and as I just stated, there are too many stray dogs all over the island. This very sick dog wanted to sleep next to me to feel my love and relaxation but my mom kept on getting him up to move away from me. She left my side for just a short amount of time to go into the ocean and the dog took the opportunity, curled up in a little ball next to my body and died. When my mom realized, she woke me up to walk me down the beach, while my dad and another man, hopefully buried the dog, I do not know what happened to the poor dog, nor do I want to know.

Someone recently asked me what is the difference between The Dog Whisperer and The Dog Mystic.
Great question! The Dog Whisperer teaches the problem solving techniques and how to rehabilitate dogs from abuse, fearfulness, aggression, and other issues, where The Dog Mystic teaches about dog behavior, problem solving, and gives you easy practical exercises to be intuitive but real to learn all about your dog’s soul.

I teach about the energy healing modalities to keep dogs in their forever home and teach people how to enjoy the present moment just like their dogs.
The universe has surrounded us with the perfect teachers…Dogs are in the present all the time, and their secret power is to pull us in with them.


Need Dog Owner Advice?

How Can I Help?


Dog Training

Smart Paws Dog Training 's mission is to educate people to coexist with their dog in a non stressful environment. There are so many people who get a dog without doing the research to see if the dog is a good fit for the family.


Energy Healing

Healing Paws Guru will broaden the training and healing aspects to heal as many different animals as possible. I feel the energy from the universe and allow it to flow through my hands and into whoever I'm working with. It realigns the body. In this interaction with the frequencies of healing, all systems of the body come to recognize this new light as fuel for healing. Through this process the new light stabilizes within the body; the vibration evolves and density falls away. Ultimately balance is restored for healing to unfold towards wholeness.


"Welcome Home Human" will teach expectant couples how to incorporate the dog or dogs to the big transition in the household before the baby is born. There is no reason to exclude them but it also teaches the owners how important it is to allow the dog to be a dog instead of their baby. This workshop will include training, tools, and important information from videos and paperwork.

With the Smart way, you as a client have the assistance of our Lifetime Support, unlike any of its kind!

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