Is Coconut Oil Safe For Dogs?

Coconut oil is good for people and it is good for Animals. It is an anti-microbial, antifungal, and an antibacterial.

Unrefined virgin coconut oil is best. This is the least processed form of coconut oil.

There are so many amazing uses. If your dog is sneezing then you can add just a teaspoon of coconut oil to their food or you can put it in the palm of your hand and have them lick it off.

It is fabulous for the skin and you can put it on the dogs top of the body. You can put it on the bottom belly side but there will be slimy oil all over the place. Trial and error from me, LOL!

Coconut oil:

? Supports metabolism and weight loss. 

? Improves digestion

? Boosts Energy

? Improves dog’s odor

? Supports dental health

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