How to Stop a Dog From Piddling and What is Piddling?

Piddling happens when a dog pees out of excitement or fear.

Most of the time it happens when you come home.

As soon as you come in, THE MOST IMPORTANT, DO NOT make high pitch noises saying their name and saying you are home.

Most of the time the dog piddles when they are puppies.

You have some different options, all depending on what type of confinement and if you have a backyard to open the door or you have to walk the dog.

Every puppy is different, so please do not get mad because they have a sensitive bladder.

  1. As soon as you are ready to put the leash on, still just open the crate or playpen door without any noise.  Your excited voice will make them pee out of excitement.  For puppies that just can not hold it to get them outside, put a pee pad on the outside of the crate, so they pee as soon as they come out. Every puppy is different, so please do not get mad because they have a sensitive bladder. 
  2. If you live in a high rise, it is best to put a potty patch on the balcony, so you take the dog straight to the bathroom on the leash, so there are no accidents in the hallway or elevator.    
  3. If you have a backyard or you are using a potty patch on the balcony, do not greet the dog until you are on the grass or the potty patch, so they pee outside instead of inside.  Less clean up for you.  
  4. If your dog is a big jumper while they are peeing and peeing on you, put the leash on the dog so you can pull back on the leash and say, “Off” while getting the dog outside .  Once outside, use a shake can, which is a soda can, rinsed out, with a handful of pennies in it.  Keep shake can behind your back and your other hand holds the leash. When the dog jumps up, shake can in face and say, “Off” then put it behind your back again, so they don’t get used to the can. If they get used to the can then they will know that it is something that makes noise and it is not going to harm them.
    *The noise is reinforcing the off command.
  5. When people come over, have them ignore the dog for a couple of minutes. Then, when they
    greet the dog, tell them not to give direct eye contact and don’t raise their voice.  You can also have the person give the dog a treat and show the dog that you have the treat and give it to your company, so the excitement is directed to the treat.  It does not have to be a big treat.

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