How to Get your dog used to walking on the leash and loving it

How To Get Your Dog Used To Walking On The Leash & Loving It!

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | How To Get Your Dog Used To Walking On The Leash & Loving It!

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Is your dog just laying down and not wanting to walk?

Being stubborn and just looking at you, like, “Huh! Huh! I’m not walking.”

And you’re either dragging them around like they’re mop or you’re literally just like doing everything to get them up. So if that happens with your dog, get a squeaky toy, any squeaky toy, or any of their favorite toys that has a scream. It gets them excited to start to walk. So even if you have to start walking backward, that’s fine because you’re getting them excited and you want them to see the walk as a positive, okay?

So, watch. Prince, come.

Good boy.

Or another thing that you can do is if they’re walking toward the house like, “Oh, I don’t want

to go back inside.”, you use the leash just to get them excited.

Prince, come. Come on. Good boy.

Get the excitement in your voice. Come on. Good boy.

Now, another thing that you can do is put your thumb through the loop of the leash so you

have full control. Doesn’t matter if it’s your right thumb or if it’s your left thumb.

There are no commands whatsoever.  It’s just getting him used to the leash.

So wherever he’s going, it’s not a problem.

Prince, come. Come on. Good boy.

Get the toy in front of them. If you pause too much to the grass or to the driveways then, just give him a quick little pull back to the middle of your chest and just, ‘Nope’.

But at least, he’s walking and he’s not laying down like, “I’m not moving. I don’t want to walk anymore.”

So that will make you enjoy your walk with your dog and give them the exercise that they need.

See you later. Enjoy!

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