How Long Should I Work With My Dog

How Long Should I Work With My Dog

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | How Long Should I Work With My Dog?

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Within this video, you are going to learn how long you should work with your dog. 

For puppies, their attention span is just like a child’s. So you don’t want to work with them for 10 minutes at a time.  You can work with them for 30 minutes a day, but you split it up into 10-minute sessions. 

After every single training session, then always end it with play. You want them to see the training as something fun instead of a chore. 

If you’re working with them for a longer period of time than 10 minutes, then they’re going to see 

the training as a chore and like a lot of chains. It’s almost like like homework for a child okay?

Now, if the dog is older than one year old, then you can work with them for 15 minutes. So two 15-minute sessions, you can work with him for longer than 30 minutes. But I mean, like you know, your average daily training is 30 minutes a day. So you split it up into two 15 minutes. If you’re working with your dog for 15 minutes, and you see after 11, 12 minutes that they’re done they’re like the focus is totally out, stop training with them and then pick it up at a different time, just so you’re ending it with play and you’re making them see the training is something fun. 

The beautiful thing about the training is its mental stimulation. It gets the dog even more tired than just running around the backyard or playing with a toy. 

If your dog is extremely hyper then one thing that you can do even if it’s inside, that’s perfectly fine. Just do five to 10 minutes of training with them so it calms them down. It gets them extremely tired because they’re using their mental energy. 

Practicing outside is extremely important because you can practice, do all the commands inside but outside, there are so many smells and distractions and noises and everything. 

So always practice outside as well as inside but more outside. 

Practice makes perfect and enjoy!

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