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Hello, everyone. The Dog Mystic here, Cheri A.Marquez, and welcome to the Dog Mystic Show.

So every single day I’m going to be going live, and it’s going to be at 1:11. I had a little bit of technical difficulties, but I’m here. So the Dog Mystic Show is going to give you dog training tips, problem-solving techniques, what’s healthy for your dog, and what’s not healthy for your dog, and Dog Mystic exercises to bring peace to the home and build a deeper connection with your dog on the soul level.

I am so glad that you are here. Thank you very much. Today is all about tone inflections.

Dogs learn from tone inflections. There are three different kinds of tone inflections. You have your commands, which are short and firm. If you draw it out and you’re just asking, commanding them, “Sit, please“, and they’re looking at you like, “yeah, right, whatever“. Because you got to remember, a dog’s mind and a child’s mind are almost exactly the same. So if they know that they can get away with something, they’re going to push it for everything that they can. So your commands have to be short and firm. 

And then your second tone inflection is the NO, which is also short and firm. No.

And then you have the praise, which is, “yay, good job!”. They don’t learn sentences. They learn one and two-word commands. We can teach them hundreds of one and two-word commands, but it’s important not to talk to them. When you’re training with them, there’s no talking or begging. So another thing is never to give up on any commands that you’re giving them to do. If you know that the dog knows the command and they are being stubborn, never give up. Because they don’t know minutes, they just know a timeframe. So if you give up one time, then they know that they’re more patient, they’ll wait for a little bit longer, and then you’ll give up. So don’t give up. I don’t care how stubborn they are being. I have, let’s see, the longest time that I have worked on the sick command with one dog is over 40 minutes. No. 

Now, another thing with the commands and your tone inflections is: for some commands, the sit command, you don’t want to repeat it, because if you keep on repeating it over and over again, then again you’re asking the dog to do it instead of commanding the dog to do it. So you get the no in-between with the leash. So it’s sit. Give it 3 seconds. One, two, three. The dog doesn’t do it, you slightly pull back on the leash.No, sit. As soon as the dog sits, stay, sit, stay.

Just a reminder, if you repeat sit, sit, then you’re asking instead of commanding them to do it. So please, when you are starting out with training, you have to remember this. It is so important your dog will take advantage. And if they know they can win, then aggression can start because they know they can get away with it. So I’m going to have some information on there and if you would like to check out my Green online course in regards to some puppy problems or dog problems that you may be having, please take a look. I will leave the link and it is free. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day and see you tomorrow.

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