The Bed Command Is My Favorite Command

The Bed Command Is My Favorite Command

HAPPY DOGS = HAPPY HOMES | The Bed Command Is My Favorite Command

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This video is my favorite. 100% my favorite command is the bed command.

Okay, now I am using a fleece blanket for puppies. It’s easier to use a fleece blanket than an actual bed because the stuffing that’s inside the bedding, if they’re big chewers, then they’re going to rip out the stuffing out of the bed and if they swallow it, it can get wrapped up in their intestines, and then it’s a major surgery to get it out, okay? So the main thing was with the bed command, a fleece blanket is better.

You can move the bed around wherever you want it to be. So you can use it while preparing food, eating dinner, when the dog gets too hyper, and when people come over, you send them to bed. The thing I love about the fleece blanket is it’s big they can do whatever they want when they’re on the bed. They can stand up, they can turn around, they can lay down, they can do whatever, okay?

So as soon as you start walking them to bed– Bed. Bed. Bed.

When they’re on the bed then, no ‘Sit’, no ‘Stay’, no other commands except for the bed command.

If they stepped off of the bed– Nope. Bed.


So come on. Bed! Bed!

You’re using the leash to kind of like get them there. Once they’re on the bed, drop the leash– bed! You hold up your hand to show them the ‘Stay’. You don’t want to say ‘Stay’. Just hold up your hand to show them ‘Stay’. Bed! Now, when you’re working with a puppy and the bed command.

The best leash to use is a chain link leash because they can bite it as much as they want. And then you’re not telling them ‘No bite’, ‘Bed’. So it’s just ‘Bed’. If they come off of the bed, one step out of the bed, tell them ‘No’, nice and firm. No. Bed. Bed!

When you release them from the bed, you can say whatever you want. It’s just the excitement in your voice.  But you don’t want to say ‘Okay’, because think about it… If you release him from the bed by saying ‘Okay’, we’ll use ‘Okay’ in our everyday language all the time. The dog can be on the bed. You can be on the phone. “Oh, okay.” The excitement is there and then they come out.  So any other command that you want to give them ‘Come’, ‘Come on’, ‘Let’s go’, ‘Yeah’, and just like get them excited.

So watch. Prince! Good boy. Come on. Good boy, good bed. Good bed, alright! Alright, good job!

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